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Learn why you need a QDRO

As retirees often rely on employer-provided retirement accounts, the U.S. Government took steps to safeguard these accounts. These laws require the use of a QDRO to preserve the benefits associated with the retirement account when that account is transferred to a former or current spouse.

Preserve vital account benefits with a binding QDRO

If you're transferring retirement account benefits to a spouse during a divorce, you might be required to file a QDRO, or a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to ensure that all the key rights and benefits that accompany that account are transferred to your former spouse. Eggert & Associates LLC can help prepare your QDRO so you can preserve key benefits!

With 20 years' legal practice experience, Eggert & Associates LLC is your go-to resource for QDROs and related legal services!

What accounts that need a QDRO?

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Normal 401(k) accounts and traditional pension benefits require the use of a QDRO, though most employer-provided retirement plans will demand a QDRO. Other plans require similar orders, like the Court Order Acceptable for Processing (COAP) and the Retirement Benefits Court Order (RCBO).

How long does the QDRO process take?

The time it takes to process your QDRO varies greatly dependent on a variety of circumstances. Sometimes it may take only weeks, other times it could take months or even years and then your payout may not begin immediately. However, most 401(k) plans and other "cash-value plans" tend to allow immediate withdrawals. But, you can incur significant tax and investment penalties on early withdrawals, so be certain to seek professional advice before a withdrawal.

What does obtaining a QDRO cost?

At Eggert & Associates LLC, QDROs are usually prepared for a flat fee. That fee generally stands at $950 for each uncontested QDRO. If a QDRO is going to be contested or if an unusually complicated QDRO is needed, an hourly rate with a retainer will be established.

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